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In the Dark: Get a Feel for Dark Tile

We’re coming off the time of year when all things spooky emerge, which makes it a great time to explore our rich selection of deep, dark tile. But regardless of the time of year, dark tile has the ability to add drama to any space, and we love the bold look of a deep tone. While the thought of dark tile might be daunting to some, we love adding texture to bring warmth and variety to these chic dark tiles. Here are a few of our favorites:

Bricco from Olympia Bond Street from ArtisticBricco
If you’re looking for the charm of exposed brick with an updated look, Bricco offers just that. In the bold, dark, matte color, this tile has a stunning impact. It gives any space a nice texture with a classic feel that still looks fresh.

Bond Street
Variety is the spice of life and black will always be the new black. Bond Street unites these two true principles into one stunning tile collection. Inspired by menswear fabrics, Bond Street brings a woven look to brick-shaped tiles that are sure to add interest to any space

Spectrum from Olympia Cookie Dip from EncoreSpectrum
Every space tells a story. Spectrum makes sure it’s a dramatic one with a bold painted wood look. In the color, burned, pictured here, texture and color come together to create a floor that looks like it could tell a million tales if only it could talk.

Cookie Dip
Texture can help add warmth and interest to darker designs and spaces. This hand-dipped tile pairs a copper glaze over a dark textured tile making it perfect for adding drama, creating accents, incorporating patterns.

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