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Our Mission

Is to constantly strive to promote our industry and to become the company of choice for those involved in the buying and selling of ceramic, porcelain, stone, glass and metal products. To that end we aim first and foremost to gain the trust of those with whom we work.

….Trust from our customers, that we recognize their needs and will exceed their expectations, ever mindful of our client’s welfare and profitability as well as our own.

….Trust from our suppliers, that we will always provide them with sound representation in our marketplace, and that our dealings with them will be rooted in honesty and integrity.

….Trust among all of our employees, that we will foster a stable and equitable workplace, where ideas and innovations are encouraged and implemented, where unity in the pursuit of our goals is an essential focus, and where the fruits of our labor are shared by all.

As a member of the Olympia Tile group we are proud to represent the finest products available in our Industry today. We look forward to serving you in any of our 5 beautiful showrooms throughout our great State of Michigan