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About Kitchens

Subway tile kitchen backsplash

The kitchen is the center of your home. It is the room we tend to be in from early morning to late in the evening. If you were to count the hours spent in the course of your day and over the years, chances are it is by far the room that is the most utilized. It tends to be the hub of your day-to-day living with both family and friends. The saying, “It is the heart of the home,” is so true, because it is the place we cook, socialize, eat, and in a word, bond! Having a kitchen you and your family love creates intimacy that you so deserve!

Do you want a fabulous kitchen… a kitchen that creates an environment where friends and family feel welcomed and happy… one in which you look forward to starting each day… one to end your evenings? If the answer is yes, read on!

Beaver Tile and Stone has five beautiful showrooms throughout Michigan. As a distributer, we carry literally hundreds of selections in one convenient stop! …just what you may need for inspiration and motivation….

What’s popular?

Kitchen Flooring

Olympia Tile MilieuPorcelain is, by far, the most popular material we sell for kitchen flooring. You are likely aware of ceramic, but here is some information on why porcelain is the “modern ceramic!”

Although porcelain and ceramic are similar, ceramic is made with a mixture of clay, sand and minerals, whereas porcelain consists of more sand as well as additional refined materials. Porcelain is subjected to higher temperatures and more pressure during firing. Finer-grained raw material and the firing process make porcelain tiles much denser than ceramic tiles. Density gives porcelain more resistance to scratches and chipping than non-porcelain ceramics. Density also makes porcelain tiles less likely to absorb moisture from humidity, spills and foot traffic. As a result, porcelain tiles are more resistant to staining when sauces, cooking ingredients and food accidentally splash onto the floor. Porcelain’s density and durability give it superior performance in areas of high foot traffic. It is simply the best solution for a busy kitchen environment!

Kitchen Backsplashes

Popular backsplash options range from beautiful natural stones to unique hand-glazed ceramics and more contemporary glass and metallic tiles. Where the trends really make their splash (pun intended) is in the sizes and formats. Rectangular subway tile, herringbone/chevron designs, hexagons and arabesque patterns are today’s classics. Mixing the interest of these patterns with a material that best suits your home is a wonderful way to update your space!

Stop into your nearest Beaver Tile and Stone showroom to see all of the possibilities. We would love to help you put together your own uniquely fabulous kitchen!