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2017 Porcelain Tile Trends

Rust Metal Coal Porcelain Tile

2017 promises to be a year of tile in unique finishes with styles from gritty-chic to rustic-modern. The top 10 porcelain tile trends begin with faux wood tile with a twist, retro patterns and metallics which will be emerging as design styles that buyers will be searching for this year. Here are just a few of the hottest ideas direct from the tile show in Cersai…

  • Exotic woods in 3 dimensional patterns
  • Looks of lace, linen, leather and tweed adding a softer vision to tile’s hard surface
  • Fragmented mosaics inspired by natural stone creating a sense of original mosaic art from centuries ago
  • Black matte tile along with vibrant, dusty sophisticated hues of blue
  • Industrial styles of plaster, concrete and metal

Kendo Moka Porcelain Tile

These are just a few of the trends coming our way.

Stay tuned. This is the place we’ll keep you informed on the new and exciting designs coming here to our showrooms, where providing you the greatest selection of current trends and timeless pieces is our greatest joy.